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    Some Updates!

    1. I made a new tumblr to post all the “fun stuff.” You know, anime, and comics, and video games, so I can keep this tumblr focused on more aesthetic stuff. I’ll keep posting the same stuff here as I always have. Also because my dashboard was becoming too difficult to look through and I didn’t want to actually unfollow anyone.

    It’s if you’d like to see.

    2. I also made a storenvy shop with the same name.

    A couple of days ago I came up with a really awful plan to try to go back to Paris in September, but that requires a lot of money I don’t have. I wanted to use my air miles, but have you ever looked to see how much those taxes and fees you have to pay actually are!? It’d still be about $700. So I put up my stickers on Storenvy, and plan on adding more regularly. I’ll also put up all my leftover prints and things from when I was doing conventions.

    Which, I would like to start doing conventions again, but I think that’s a topic for another post.

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