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    ILOVEMAKONNEN ~ Tuesday Feat. Drake

    Because Tuesday is my weekend

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    Mnunu Nimune is the pseudonym of a cyberpunk artist from Spain. He posts on Tumblr as mnunu-nimune. His work is built around a set of ten rules.

    1. Only black and white.

    2. 500 width 888 height.

    3. Always merge Tech-Noir/Cyberpunk with Occult / Esoteric topics.

    4. Just code with Processing. No PS, no AE, no C4D.

    5. Work 3 hours max per piece.

    6. Just post pictures. No reblogs, no text, no messages,

    7. Use your own algorithms and your own classes. Your own typographies and your own languages.

    8. Always include Procedural & Random elements.

    9. Only use photographs made with your iPhone. No edits.

    10. Publish one post a day. 18:30 Madrid time.


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"the wrong side"
foto by FB
glitching by arrv 


    "the wrong side"

    foto by FB

    glitching by arrv 

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    'Meet the Generation of Incredible Native American Women Fighting to Preserve Their Culture' via Marie Claire

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Crystal Castles, arcade.


    Crystal Castles, arcade.

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    Sept. 1 3:42 pm


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    GESAFFELSTEIN x THE HACKER live @ Inauguration NUITS SONORES 2012 (X)

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